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Riv Bulgari born as Radoslav Ivanov on 2 March 1966 is a Bulgarian-American painter, sculptor, print maker, graphic, mural painter and documentary film director/producer. One of the most creative artist of 21st century. Known for the wide variety of styles that he refined and explore. Among his most famous works are the: The Hidden Story, Dolche & Gabana, Exotica, Left Over, Share My Dreams, The Game, Guela Guetza, Everybody Like It, The Big Time…

Riv Bulgari energetic and dynamic development as an artist has taken him to the present RIV style based on skillful combination of the ordinary whit novel discoveries in contemporary art. Bulgari demonstrated extraordinary artistic talent in his early years, painting in a realistic manner and all modern styles trough his childhood and adolescence. During the 80 and 90 of the 20th Century his style change as he experimented with different theories, techniques and ideas. His revolutionary artistic works make him one of the best-creative and provocative figures in the art world.
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THIN LINE is the first book wherein I try to explain and touch on the essence of my new discoveries in the field of sculpture. This period is based on and related to my previous intentions, drawings and pictures. Several years ago a friend of mine was looking at one of my paintings and
asked me: “ Why do you have such smooth finish and clean lines in your paintings? “ He emphasized that in sculpture applying such values would be a manifestation of bad taste. After a while I was able to accomplish one of my old ideas based on one of my pictures. That was of a simple round form on whose surface there were spikes and one of the spikes was puncturing the form itself.



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